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Dr. Javier Gustavo Oyarse Cruz


With your acceptance, you authorize SEMINARIOS TOP , with legal address at Jirón Huamachuco 1408, Jesús María, Lima, Lima, Peru, to make use of the data you register through this form (names, surnames, position, work center and email) in order to send you information about this seminar, process your registration for it, answer questions, send advertising for events, newsletters, among other related purposes.

You are informed that the questions on this form are mandatory. The consequences of the granting of personal data, empower SEMINARIOS TOP to use them according to the purposes indicated above. The refusal to deliver the user’s personal data makes it impossible for this unit to treat them and meet their requirements.

Additionally, and if accepted by you, SEMINARIOS TOP is authorized to send you information about the different training services and related services, for which it will use your registered contact information.

Igualmente, se otorga consentimiento previo, informado, expreso e inequívoco a SEMINARIOS TOP para brindar información a través llamadas telefónicas, mensaje de texto, mensajería instantánea (whatsapp, mesenger, etc), correos electrónicos o similares, sobre la publicidad y los servicios que se brinda.

Your information will be stored in a database owned by SEMNARIOS TOP and will be used directly by SEMINARIO TOP , always guaranteeing its security and confidentiality. The authorization granted is for an indefinite period of time; however, you may revoke it or exercise any of the ARCO rights (Update, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition), provided for in Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, and its regulations, free of charge, by sending a communication to the email email:

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